Do you want to help us with our lifesaving mission?  Join us at our next Volunteer Orientation.  February 25, 2016 at 6:00 P.M.  at the Downtown Library, 1717 Austin Ave.  

Not sure if fostering is right for you? Come to orientation and hear about the other things that you can help with!

MARC is a strictly volunteer based Rescue.  All of our pets are pulled from the shelter when they are out of time.  This can be due to time and / or space or illness and / or injury.  

MARC pays for all the expenses while fosters are in your home.  All food, supplies and approved vet visits are covered.  You aren't out of pocket for anything, except what you want to pay for.

MARC offers a support system.  All animals that are pulled will have a primary foster as well as a back up. Need to go out of town? Your back up will takeover for you. Emergency come up and you can't care for your foster?  That's why your backup volunteered.  And you will also have the support of many years of experience at your disposal.

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To reduce the unnecessary killing of our community's animals
through proven life-saving programs, advocacy and education
with the ultimate goal of achieving a No-Kill community.



"A Voice for No-Kill in McLennan County"

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