McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition

Our Mission:

To reduce the unnecessary killing of our community's animals through proven life-saving programs, advocacy, and education with the ultimate goal of achieving a No-Kill community.

It's that time of year again!

Soon the shelter will be filled with bottle baby kittens brought in by the public. While it seems like the mom has abandoned her kittens, it's more than likely NOT the case!

Most cats will not abandon their kittens. If mom has left her litter it's probably for food, water or she's in search of a safer spot for her and her babies.

If you or someone you know finds a litter, please don't just scoop them up and take them to the shelter unless they are in immediate danger. Follow the steps on the flyer below chances are you will see mom return.

Kittens stand a much better chance of survival when they are with their mom than with a human foster. Let's give them a chance!! Leave her litter!