McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition

Our Mission:

To reduce the unnecessary killing of our community's animals through proven life-saving programs, advocacy, and education with the ultimate goal of achieving a No-Kill community.

P.A.S.S. Program

"Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender"

MARC's P.A.S.S. Program provides McLennan County residents with the local resources needed to resolve a variety of pet-related issues. This program is modeled after the Austin Pets Alive! program. The ideal outcome is for the pet to stay in his or her current home.

Our goal is to provide YOU with the resources you need!

We respectfully ask that you pro-actively utilize the resources provided to you in Step 1 before going on to Step 2. This allows MARC to focus our limited resources on those who genuinely need Step 2.


  • Email to receive a free copy of the McLennan Animal Resource Guide or download the PDF file here. This guide quickly answers most of the most commonly asked questions we are asked. Many of the partnering groups on this guide are able to help with things like low-cost/no-cost spay/neuter, Trap-Neuter-Return for outside/community cats, temporary pet food assistance & more.
  • If you have found a dog or friendly cat, be sure to submit a post to Please do not post outside/community cats, as the outside is their home. Instead, contact CommCat Waco.


  • If keeping the animal is not possible, we encourage you to submit a Facebook post to the Urgent Animals in Waco Facebook page. One of the volunteer Administrators from that Facebook page can then "Repost/Share" to help spread the word about the pet in need.
  • This offer is also available to McLennan County residents who need to find a good home for a Found dog or Found friendly (indoor) cat, and have already posted to, but no owner reclaimed.


In accordance with our Mission Statement and Bylaws, MARC does not accept pets from the public. We only rescue shelter pets from the Waco Animal Control Facility, and only those pets who are on death row and have no other option for getting out of the shelter alive. There are other local and statewide rescue groups who do accept pets from the public, but MARC is not one of them. We appreciate your understanding.

DON'T HAVE EMAIL OR FACEBOOK? Some suggestions include:

  • Ask a family member or friend who has email &/or Facebook to submit an email or make a Facebook post on your behalf.
  • Visit the local library system for free use of their computer/internet.