McLennan Animal Rescue Coalition

Our Mission:

To reduce the unnecessary killing of our community's animals through proven life-saving programs, advocacy, and education with the ultimate goal of achieving a No-Kill community.


There are many ways to volunteer with MARC! We have many programs under one name so look around, I'm sure you will find something that will be perfect for you!


Foster homes are in short supply! We always need more foster homes to continue our life saving mission. The more homes we have the more animals we can pull! MARC provides everything you need in order to care for our animals that are in your care. Food, medical care, etc. You provide a home and loving environment, we provide the rest!!

Volunteer Based

MARC is a strictly volunteer based Rescue. All of our pets are pulled from the shelter when they are out of time. This can be due to time and space or illness / injury.


MARC pays for all the expenses while fosters are in your home. All food, supplies and approved vet visits are covered. You aren't out of pocket for anything, except what you want to pay for.

Support System

MARC offers a support system. All animals that are pulled will have a primary foster as well as a back up. Need to go out of town? Your back up will take over for you. Emergency come up and you can't care for your foster? That's why your backup volunteered. And you will also have the support of many years of experience at your disposal.

Fundraising Committee:

Are you good at fundraising? Are you good at coming up with creative ideas for advertising or fundraising events? Join our fundraising committee and help us! We are always looking for new and inventive ways to bring more money into MARC. More money means more lives we can save!

Adoption Events:

Do you have some ideas on good locations for adoption events? Adoption gimmicks? Our Adoption Events Committee looks for new and interesting ways to get our pets and our name out there! Booking adoption events and helping with advertising too. You will also help with setting up and breaking down the events, talking to potential volunteers and adopters at events.

Online Committee:

Working on the computer more your thing? We always need help with updates! We depend on volunteers to help us transfer the information from the Central Texas Lost Pets website onto our Facebook page. All of our pets are listed on Petfinder and Craigslist. Volunteers write catchy bios on Petfinder from information provided by the foster parents. The information is then put on Craigslist and updated weekly.

Vetting and Transporting Committee:

There are times when we just need help with transportation! All of our kittens and cats go to Petsmart when they are ready for adoption. Other times we need help getting pets to vet appointments if the fosters or backups are unavailable. Maybe you could help out on this committee?


And we can always use donations! There are several ways to donate!

  • Paypal
  • Amazon Wish List
  • Amazon Smile (Choose Mclennan Animal Rescue Coalition as your charity and we will get a portion of the sales!)
  • WoofTrax (We get money when you walk your dog!)

To get started, fill out the Volunteer Application, then watch the Facebook Page for our next Volunteer Orientation.