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Adoption Q&A

Q: I’m adopting a MARC dog or puppy. What kind of supplies will I need to have?

A: For a dog, we recommend a collar and leash, quality dog food, food, water dishes, and toys/chew toys. We encourage crate training. You’ll also need to plan on monthly heartworm prevention. If you’re adopting an adult dog, MARC has your dog on heartworm prevention, but it will be your responsibility to maintain this monthly prevention. Learn more at our Heartworm Prevention page. If you’re adopting a puppy, you may still need puppy pads.

Q: I’m adopting a MARC cat or kitten. What kind of supplies will I need to have?

A: For a cat, we suggest a collar, quality cat food, food, water dishes, large cat litter box, litter, cat toys and scratch pads or post. Ideally, cats need a “safe room” to stay for the first few days, complete with food, water and litter box. This allows them to become acclimated to their new home. It “trains” the cat to know where the litter box is located, and provides a slow introduction of other cats in a multi-cat household. Experts recommend one litter box per cat in the house. Some cats like to be brushed, too.

Q: Does MARC have same-day adoptions?

A: Yes! As long as a pet is spayed or neutered, and there is an approved adoption application, the pet may go home with you on the same day as adoption. Puppies and kittens who have not already been spayed or neutered may be pre-adopted, and can be picked up by the new family directly after spay/neuter surgery.

Q: Will I know if there is something wrong with the pet? 

A: Since all MARC pets were rescued from the Waco shelter, sometimes we do not know much about the animal’s history; however, we offer full disclosure and provide copies of all medical records in our file to the new family.

Q: What if my pet doesn’t work out? 

A: Notify MARC immediately if you are having problems with your adopted MARC pet. Oftentimes, our volunteers can offer suggestions to help the dog or cat acclimate, or tips for behavior modification. You may also check out the following webpages, Help for Dog Issues or Help for Cat Issues. If it is determined that the pet is not a good fit, MARC will help you find a new home, or take the animal back. Per our adoption contract, we do not provide refunds.

Q: Can I adopt a MARC pets as a gift for a friend?

A: You are welcome to pay the adoption fee for your friend, family member, etc. However, we do encourage the person receiving the pet to have some say in whether they like the pet. They may want to decide which dog or cat would be the best fit in their home for a lifetime commitment. Also, the adult who will own the pet and who will be responsible for the pet must be the person signing the adoption contract before the adoption can be finalized.

Photo by Jasmin Schuler on Unsplash

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